Words tell a story. Whether they are spoken, sung, or written, they provide us with insight into the lives of others. They can offer a raw experience, a gateway into the lives of the people around us.  It is through words, that I discovered my own voice, my own story. By digging up the muck and mud, and creating a space for my voice, I re-cultivated my words and found a path where I get to use them to do what I love. I am a highly skilled writer and yogini. I am a mother, trying my absolute best, one day at a time. My aim is to change to world with my words. I believe that promoting all aspects of yoga, health and wellness, and natural parenting can make an impact. 

Some of the services I provide are

  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Freelance writing - anything yoga, health, natural parenting culture  

Want to work with me? I love using the wisdom of yoga to produce compelling projects that positively affect communities around the world.